Changing the context menu (right click menu) font size



I am using a high resolution screen (3200x1800) and the context menu font size is awfully large. I am using Ubuntu 15.04 with Unity. Is it possible to change the font size for context menus?


Is it just context menus? Have you seen this open issue?


So far it happened in the context menu and the pop-up menu asking if I want to discard or save my changes. Unlike the issue you referenced, the tree view looks good. I tried running atom with --force-device-scale-factor=1 and the context menu still had large font. Here is a screenshot.


I have this same issue. However, you seem lucky enough that you get more than 5 characters. My menu would say:


Wouldn’t be a big problem in the editor, but it’s a real PITA in the tree view.


I had read about this issue and many people say that the font size is hardcoded on Chromium source. If you have install Chromium you can see same issue in tab and context menu fonts. I try to use “–force-device-scale-factor=0.5” but doesn’t work and I didn’t can found where font style is defined in source code. Has anyone fixed this?

Apologies for reviving this old topic and for my english, I’m trying to improve it.