Changing tab length


can you change the length of the tabs? I use 4 space and Atom’s default length is 2.


Yes it can be done. Globally: go to the settings of the software ctrl-,, proceed to Editor > Tab Length. Notice also all the other settings there.

But perhaps it would be best to adjust only in the language you need. Get to the configuration file via the menus: File > Config… Then proceed to some lines in the ...\.atom\config.cson file.

Example for Python:

    tabLength: 4

If you tell us which coding language, we might be able to tell you what to change to.

LATE NOTE… Some languages has easy reachable settings from the settings page. ctrl-, and then select Packages and then look for the language you are using.



Tab length can also be changed via the settings view for individual packages.


@danPadric Thank you so much! I’ll try that.