Changing syntax theme doesn't change text color


I’m a student who has been using Atom for a few weeks now for ruby homework and I’m definitely enjoying it.

Today I figured I’d explore some features a little more, but when I tried to change the syntax theme I found that the text colors stay the same. Or maybe more specifically the background color changes and the text color seems to be a slightly different version of the same set of colors? Almost like the background color is dictating the shade of the same color theme.

Now I know different themes are supposed to be radically different sets of colors so this seems like its working incorrectly. Here’s what I tried (im on OS X)

  • Basic restarting of program/computer and installing of different themes
  • Complete reinstall of Atom including deletion of all appropriate hidden folders as found in a different Atom support thread

since the problem remains after a complete reinstall im totally baffled as to what could be going wrong. when i start up Atom i get this in the console but im not sure if theres any relation:

index.js:52 Window load time: 362ms
/Applications/ /deep/ combinator is deprecated. See for more details.
/Users/distiller/atom/out/app/src/ ::shadow pseudo-element is deprecated. See for more details.

any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d really love to try out some syntax themes and I feel totally lost on this


small extra note: the theme I think its “stuck” looks to be “one dark”

again the background color Does Change


Which themes are you trying, exactly? Can you screenshot the before and after? You can also open the developer tools View -> Developer -> Toggle Dev Tools and observe exactly what CSS is being displayed, so you can see if the colors visible to you match the ones coded into the themes.


Different themes aren’t necessarily supposed to be radically different sets of colors. Your experience in this case is highly dependent on which two themes you’re selecting between.

I also can’t reproduce this using Atom v1.13.0-dev-11f8d9e on Mac OS X 10.12. Here’s a screenshot of some Elixir code I’m working with in my default One Light syntax theme:

And here’s a screenshot using the Solarized Light syntax theme:

So the stylesheets are changing though perhaps not in obvious ways with the two themes you’re switching between.