Changing syntax highlighting colours


In PHP (and many other languages), single-quoted strings behave differently from double-quoted strings.

I would like to have different background colours for those two kind of strings.

Looking in developper mode, one can see that they have CSS classes “string quoted single php” and “string quoted double php”.

But where is the CSS defined? Where can I find where the CSS is defined for the PHP language (or for the meta-definition that is used by the PHP syntax highlighter)? And if just editing the file won’t do it, what is the proper procedure to change it?

(I run Atom on Windows 7). Thx.

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The CSS is defined in the Syntax Theme that you have installed. So for instance if you have the Atom Dark syntax theme installed then it would be:

But you can override your themes by putting CSS/LESS in your styles.less file which you’ll find in your Atom configuration directory.


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