Changing syntax for file type


I use *.html files for PHP language. (the files have php+html code)
I did select ‘One Dark’ Theme(UI, Syntax) and ‘one-dark-syntax’ package is installed as default.

When I open *.html files, it shows plain html syntax highlight.
As I said, My *.html files have PHP code.

I changed syntax to ‘php’ by pressing the ‘html’ button at the bottom right of the screen.
However, it is not saved and it is initialized to ‘html’ when you reopen the program.

How do I change the ‘* .html’ file type to PHP syntax?


The Flight Manual has instructions on that.


I added like this.
But still, Atom shows html syntax when I open ‘*.html’ file type (html file that has php code).



customFileTypes should be underneath core, at the same level as telemetryConsent.


Oh, It works. Thank you~