Changing repo url breaks apm account token


I recently changed all my github repo urls from https to key-based, for extra security. Now APM is asking for my token. This seems broken. I’ll get a new token. Will changing tokens on one package break others?


All you should have to do is do apm login. The token isn’t tied to repositories … it is tied to your account.


I got a new token which didn’t fix it. Then I did the apm login with the new token as you suggested and that didn’t work. In both cases it said that the token was successfully put on my keychain.


Are the new repo URLs named origin in the Git remotes?



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I had to switch to HTTPS-based to get apm to work at all. It just wouldn’t ask for my SSH key to actually authenticate me. Not sure if it is related, I just know I spent a while trying to get around it.


I use SSH-authentication for all my GitHub repos and have had no issues with apm.

@mark_hahn would you mind opening an Issue on for this?


No problem. It is at

BTW, switching to https did not help. I still can’t login.

Edit: Change from atom/atom to atom/apm