Changing Python flake8 configuration


I’ve been programming in Python for a while, with Emacs, but I’m new to Atom and flake8 linter.

I would like to change some of the linter configuration, in particular to make it less picky about style problems. I want to focus just on programmatic errors and not style errors.

So I realize this forum is not here to support me on flake8, but I’m having trouble connecting the documentation for flake8 itself to what is available to configure it on Atom. Can someone give me a general idea what to do? Should I create a flake8 configuration file based on what I learn about flake8 itself, and then somehow tell the Atom package to load that file?



Are you using atom-flake8? You can specify flake8 options in the settings:


I’m using linter-flake8. I was following these instructions:

I think I found the place in the linter-flake8 configuration that lets me specify a config file.