Changing package shortcuts & Tab Trigger



firstly it would be awesome to be able to change the key bindings for a packge in the package view (where the key bindings are actually displayed).

Secondly, I thing there is a desparte need for tab triggers like in textmate (e.g. lorem + tab = lorem ipsum text). Otherwise we will soon run out of sensible key combinations and it is far harder to remember key bindings anyway, since tab triggers can actually make sense. Those should of course also be editable in the packages view.


Have you tried looking in ~/.atom/snippets.cson? You can create TAB expansions just like you’re asking for.


Is there a way to make a snippet for any type of file like source.* ?

I did not, I would still prefer to be able to add it with keyboard bindings and in packages, but it helped already, thanks.

// EDIT: Nevermind just ‘*’ works.


Yep … it works like a CSS selector. You should be able to just leave off the language name: .source


That works as well. Thanks