Changing name of application on windows task manager


When I run my app(after packaging it with electron packager), when I right click the app on the taskbar it shows the icon of my app and sets the name of the app to Electron how can i change that? it does the same in task manager


I’m having the same issue. I’ve gone through every possible thing I could find (app.setName, package.json/productName, setting the productName in the electron packager cmd call). If you figure this out, please share.


There is a little, I mean very little, documentation on rebranding here. I plan to be rebranding my app in the coming weeks, so I’ll try and keep you updated.


Electron-packager uses rcedit to rebrand the app. Unfortunately, there is very little documentation for rcedit. There’s a good amount for electron-packager, but it doesn’t include a fix for this.

The only thing I haven’t tried yet is rebuilding the app from source. That’s my next test. Seems like a major pain for an incredibly obvious, necessary feature.


To rebrand your app you will have to make sure you use all of the supported keys in the --version-string option of electron packager. To see these, run the electron-packager command with out any arguments. You have to run a package specifically for a windows platform (–platform=win32) and make sure you specify your product name/company credentials for all options. I have tested this and it will change the name in the task bar and in task manager.