Changing Electron App icon and information


Hello everyone,
I have done a lot of searching on how to change the app icon and name of an electron application. I have found many sources but none have been working for me. My main question is, is there a specific way to import the .icns file into my text editor for it to read correctly? (I am using atom) Thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated. Also, I am running OS X.



not sure how correct this is but reading a few things on here, with regards to OSX you would need to change these details within the plist configuration file, as I know when setting the app title within the menu set up etc this does not work on OSX, and to achieve it you need to change it within the plist.

If I am wrong at least someone will correct me and we’d both get the correct answer :smile:


Hey simondavies,

I actually was able to get it working! I went ahead and downloaded electron-packager and it made the process much easier just by putting a build script inside the .json file. I was then able to go ahead and add my .icns file into the folder and everything else was changed with electron-packager by checking in the Info.plist. Thanks for the input, much appreciated!


Cool, thanks for the heads up on that as well :smile: