Changing Color intuitive


Is there a way, how to show up the color, used in css.
For example:
background: #5ad3a9;

In Komodo, I can press cmd, than color shows up, and I can also show up the whole range of colors!!
Is there such a feature in Atom?


I use the to see css colors and to display a color picker to select from.

These packages can be installed from the settings view, file menu->Settings and then click on the install tab.


Exactly!!! Thank you!!!
I am wondering, why this is not included as standard. 800.000 Downloads show the benefit.


Because the Atom core team doesn’t have the resources or expertise to maintain everything that reaches any arbitrary download count threshold. We would much rather leave some things to the community. That’s the beauty of open source and having a hackable editor, one group of people doesn’t have to provide everything.