Changing Atom Icon


I know this question was already asked but, sorry for my unknowns, how can I change the Atom icon? I mean, I found a lot of icons searching on websites, for atom, and I like a lot the one here: .
I take every step for the installation of the icon, but I still don’t understand… where exactly is
Again, I apologize for re-asking the same question, but I need a little bit of help :smile:




Are you on OS X? If so, then is wherever you installed Atom, typically in the /Applications directory. If you aren’t on OS X, then the instructions you mention wouldn’t apply because they’re for OS X machines :grinning:

Which OS are you running?

Here are a whole bunch of other suggestions for custom icons:


Actually I am using Windows, and I was just taking every step of the installation guide(not mentioned if it is for OSX or Windows or Linux) and in the first method, it says to go to… the problem is in windows I can’t find this location… Hoping someone can tell me what to do with that guide :smiley:


Hi, did you find a way to change Atom’s icon on windows?


I love it!
It’s much better than the official logo.