Changelog for plugins


As a plugin developer I would love the ability to provide a changelog, that would be showed for the user inside the package manager, when a new version is available, and not just show the new version number.


It could be nice, if, like you can with, could provide a which would also have a link in the package view.


Nice idea, I completely agree, and in that regard, it could be great to set some kind of convention regarding changelog generation. I have used the Angular Commit Covention for a while now and I must say it really work well.

It would be great if APM could provides this kind of feature out of box (since it’s already managing versions and tags). Each time you run apm publish ... it could run the default changelog generation script (unless one was defined for the project) and append the output to


While I like the idea of having changelog support in the package view, I’m not in support of having to format my commits in a particular way to get it. The thing that I like about apm publish is that it reduces the amount of bookkeeping and drudgery I have to do in order to publish a package. The Angular Commit Convention increases it, in my opinion.

I’m actually using GitHub’s Releases feature for my changelog:


did a pull request for this feature:


Some times, I used
We can add a changelog field in package.json.


For those interested, I wrote a small tool to generate changelog from git commits in the same way the angular changelog.js script does but with much more flexibility in the way you can match significant commits:

You can also generate a changelog starting with the first commit of your repo (in case you hadn’t created a changelog yet) or from basically any commit or tag.


Looking good. Im using the git-extras changelig command