Change UI font-size

I an using the material-UI theme, and because of an eye-disorder I want to make the (UI) text bigger in some places, for ex the text on the tabs, some menu options, text on buttons, etc. (NOT the text/code in the actual text editor. That I know how.).

For example, I want these menu options in a larger font-size:

I’ve looked through both the atom’s general settings and the material theme’s settings, and I have scrolled through the material’s less-files but I don’t understand them (complete beginner + english is not first language…:-/)…

I have googled and searched Stack Overflow (and asked a question there, atm without an answer) but I can’t find what Im looking for. At least not explained for dummies :slight_smile: Is it even possible? I know nothing.

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to code and text editors. Please keep in mind if answering.

Please help!

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Long answer on StackOverflow, short answer here:

/* Increases font-size to 120% */
html:not(atom-text-editor) {
    font-size: 120% !important;