Change treeview ignored colors to be more visible


I’d like to be able to easily read the ignored dirs/files in the tree view. The default is so dark gray as to be very difficult to read!

How would I fix this? Probably a style?


According to the dev tools, ignored items in the tree view have the .status-ignored class.


Sorry being late getting back to this!

I checked for all use of .status-ignored by using atom .atom and doing a project search. The results were all inside my ui theme (seti-ui). None had a color.

Drilling down by looking at these hits, I found

      &.status-ignored {
        color: @text-color-ignored;
        &.seti-hide {
          display: none;

under seti-ui/styles/components/sidebar within the // STATUS COLORS.

This resolved to @text-color-ignored: @ignore; => @ignore: #41535b; in ui-variables.

I tried changing @ignore to ‘red’ just to experiment, but it did not change the ignored treeview. I tried using both reload all styles and restarting atom, but no change.

My guess is that I should override @ignore in my Atom>StyleSheet, maybe using !important? But this is all getting outside of my css/less/atom/etc fu!

Any hints?


You don’t even need !important. Just this:

.tree-view .status-ignored span {
  color: cadetblue;


Super! Worked perfectly … thanks.