Change theme from Command Line?


I want to create a bash script to change my themes from dark to light and vice versa but I can’t figure out how to change themes from the command line.

I’ve tried apm config edit which just hangs and doesn’t do anything. And the following all return undefined: app config get themes, apm config get core, apm config get *, apm config get "*", apm config get '*'

I realize I could do some fancy stuff (with grep or something) with the config.cson file but I’m guessing there’s an easier way?

Alternatively, is there a keybinding I could set up? I prefer not to use a package for this.

Also - how do I even view my config that shows in config.cson with an apm command?

Or is apm literally only for packages?


apm config will only affect APM’s config. Its use is the same as npm config.

If you want to change a CSON file, the easiest way is to write a Node script that includes coffeescript to be able to read CSON into a JS object, which you will modify in the normal fashion, then use coffeescript to translate the output and write the file.


¿How about having a script swap out config files with one another?


The same device (a Node script) would be most appropriate for that, and you would have to have your alternative config.cson files organized somewhere they won’t get accidentally deleted.