Change the Syntaxe Colour


Please, I want to know how to install a NEW colour Schema like " Seti Syntax".
I Installed the Package, but syntaxes colours didn’t changed.
Thanks. Best regards.


If you go to your Settings view and click on Themes, you should be able to select Seti from the Syntax Theme drop down menu. The theme will be applied right away, no restart required.


Thanks, I did what you say, but I didn’t found the “Seti Syntax” on Syntax Theme drop down menu.
I think I miss something


Did you install it via the command line? If so Atom needs to be restarted (or reloaded) before it recognizes the package as installed.


No I install it via Packages-> Setting View -> Install Packages. and I restared The Atom


That is the Package section, it shouldn’t find a Seti Syntax theme there to install, but if you go to the Themes section, a search for Seti Syntax will show the theme and once installed I can enable it in the drop down menu. I realize just now it’s only called Seti in the drop down.


Yes Yes Thank youuu So much Alchiadus, it’s Working great now. many thanks