Change The Color Of Comments?

Can anyone tell me, how I can change atom comments color, cause when I’m working in the night with light off and the software of protecting eyes On, They become very hard to read .

el medi

Under File -> Stylesheet, you can open your styles.less file. Add this rule:

atom-text-editor .syntax--comment {
  color: cadetblue;

Thank you .

This page shows up near the top of searches on the topic, however, tips on how to get the comment boundaries to match the comment colors is a bit harder to find. No the less, its nice that there is an option for both parts. This will set both:

atom-text-editor .syntax–comment, .syntax–punctuation.syntax–definition.syntax–comment {
color: cadetblue;

Credit to the other sources:

try not to copy-paste the exact code given in the post bcz some characters will not be pasted properly inside atom instead write the code manually
and also there will be --(double hyphen) in place of all the -(single hyphens)

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