Change specific color values


I know how to change the color of comments in styles.less with

atom-text-editor::shadow .comment{
    color: [color]

but that does not change the color of the two forward slashes when coding in C


only the word comment is changed.

So how can I find out the right function to use to change the “/” character, and how can I find out which functions to use on my own? Like what about changing the color of “int” or “char”?



atom-text-editor::shadow .punctuation.definition.comment

will change ‘/’ and ‘*’ characters to whatever colors you want.

However if it is a comment in the form of


Then the intermediate ‘*’ characters will remain the same color as the .comment colors.

To change the function brackets { } use .punctuation.definition.section

To find out on your own what you will need to put after atom-text-editor::shadow in your styles.less file:

  1. View->Toggle Developer Tools.
  2. In the top left of the window that just opened click the magnifying glass icon
  3. Click on the element that you want to change the color of
  4. The answer will be placed in the bottom left among other CSS (I think) information with a box of the color that the element currently has.


You can use the Editor: Show Cursor Scopes command. It will show a notification with the scopes at the cursor. You can use the topmost scope name as the basis for what you choose for your style selector.