Change root directory in tree view


Request: ability to change the root directory in the tree view of an existing Atom window.

It’s currently not possible to do this. That would be nice, and it might be an intermediate step towards resolving this issue.

Why? For instance: Sometimes open a file that’s in a subdirectory of a git repository. The git integration in Atom is awesome, but in this case it’s confusing because I can’t actually see the root of my repository (and thus other relevant files/directories). The only way I’ve found to move “up” the root of the tree view is to open the higher-level directory in a new Atom window, and then drag any open tabs into that new window.


This would be excellent for former vim users.


Definitely +1. Having to drag tabs to a new window just to change the root folder is silly. Should be able to navigate easily in the tree.


Honestly, it seems to me like this is an obvious thing that everyone would need to be able to do. When trying out atom it comes as a huge surprise that the tree-view is not a file browser, but a file displayer. Navigating the filesystem in Atom means removing the current Root Folder from the tree-view and adding a new one for the directory you want to move to.

Am I missing something? Navigating your files is an absolutely fundamental piece of functionality, and it seems insane to me that that use case didn’t come up when they were designing Atom. I guess it matches the behaviour of ST2 - it’s possible the folks at Github were mimicking a little too closely.