Change python path and auto completion


Hello, I’m working with maya and I really like how Atom is working for coding. The only problem is that I can’t find how can I set the software to change it’s python file path and same goes with the autocompletion package. If someone can help me on that , I am all ears.
Thanks in advance

Okan out


Could you explain more about what you’re asking for please? I don’t quite know what “the software” is referring to, what Python has to do with it, or what autocomplete has to do with it.


I’m sorry if I’m not clear, english isn’t my main language. So, maya use it’s own python language called mayapy.exe (located at F:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\mayapy.exe ) and they also have an auto-completion folder but I can’t manage to use them in Atom. The software I was reffering to was Atom btw


Never mind I just didn’t bang my head hard enough on the Script package
I had a hard time to understand what was asked for making it to work properly.


Before Atom can make use of an autocomplete program, someone has to write a package for it. Searching for “maya” turns up no autocomplete packages, so I would suppose that nobody has done so.