Change name of item in Command Palette


A package I’m writing has the incorrect name in the command palette. Where can I find the code to change it? I’ve tried searching out the current name in the project and I get a few results, but changing any of them do not affect the name of the command in the command palette. I’m not great with JS and have very very very minimal coding experience with writing Atom packages, so I’m a bit lost. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Packages don’t get named in the command palette. I believe the name is formed from the string you give when using atom.commands.add(


My apologies, I may be a little confused… I’m merely trying to add a space between “Strip” and “Newlines”. Is this not possible? And I realize I’m not trying to rename the package, but the command itself.


Try a dash to separate the words. E.g., strip-newlines:strip-newlines


This worked! Thank you very much!