Change latex build settings for specific project


Hi everyone,
I use Atom to write latex documents and it works well.
But I realized that it isn’t simple to change the build settings for a file.
How to change the build order to stop bibtex for a simply and short document without any references?
I found the global settings… But that’s not realy helpfull here.
So is there a "magic % !TEX to set build options or how to setup a configfile in a project to change the settings?


Atom has several different packages for writing LaTeX documents. Please let us know which one you are using.

Generally, magic comments are only understood by the editor (and not LaTeX itself). In Atom, this means the individual packages might have their own conventions. I know latex (the Atom package) allows a .yaml config file as an alternative to magic comments.


I’m using atom-latex 0.8.4 from James-Yu

At the package’s settings it’s possible to set “Costom toolchain commands”.
The default settings will create a pdf in three steps

  1. pdflatex
  2. bibtex
  3. pdflatex

I’m working on longer documents with bib-references and everything and smalle documents without any refs. So I don’t want to change the global settings each time I change to a different document.

I’m trying to set this build prozess for each latex project.
e. g.
Project: Study_notes

  1. pdflatex

Projekt: Thesis

  1. pdflatex
  2. bibtex
  3. pdflatex


Have you tried using latexmk? I’ve not used it but it seems like it should do what you want.


no I haven’t because atoms brings his costom toolchain where I can set the global build settings. So there is my problem. Each time I change to one of my projects I have to change the global settings.


You can issue the latexmk command yourself from a console window in atom or use one of the command-pallette type extensions to issue it.

For a more elaborate setup, you could use buildtools which lets you have multiple ‘make’ commands per project.