Change keybinding behavior


I would like to change the current behavior of the keybinding set to ‘editor:toggle-line-comments’ (usually ctrl-/ for windows). Currently it appears to add '# ’ at the beginning of a line for many file types if no ‘#’ is seen. It removes either '# ’ or ‘#’ if one is seen. I would like it to only match '# ’ (with a space) and not ‘#’ when testing for an existing comment in the line. I think this must be a simple fix but my google foo is failing. The full keybinding is; ‘atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not([mini])’: ‘ctrl-/’: ‘editor:toggle-line-comments’. Thanks for any pointers to the location to adjust this behavior.


This is where the command is defined in the code base:


@leedohm Thanks, I’ll follow that and see what I can come up with.