Change font permanently...atom keeps updating on restart


So I want my font to be different that the packaged atom font but if I change it in styles.less it only works until I restart. This is because to get it to work in the first place I have to add

@font-face {
  font-family: code;
  font-style: regular;
  src: url('fonts/SourceCodePro.ttf');

to styles.less and I have to go into the actual atom package and add a ‘font’ folder as it treats it as a resource and won’t take the absolute position on my machine. When I restart atom updates its resources and deletes my changes Is there anyway around this?


using file:///Users/you/fonts/SourceCodePro.ttf as the path should work


Why not just change it in the Editor settings?


I assume this requires the font to be pre-installed somewhere?

I feel very stupid, but what if I’m on Windows, have installed the ttf files in the standard Windows way, but when I add it to the settings as you suggest, I get some standard bullshit font, which I assume is what it defaults to if the provided one cannot be found?


If you just want to use the normal version of Source Code Pro then you can just use “Source Code Pro” in the Font Family setting. The weird spacing is a trick that, as far as I’ve seen, only works on OS X … and is only useful for different font weights than the normal.

The font just has to be available as a system font.


And that works perfectly. Thanks @leedohm!


Try the Fonts Package: