Change Editor Font to M+ 1m


I’m trying to change the Atom editor font to M+ 1m, but for some reason when I try to change it with this line:

  'fontFamily': 'M+ 1m'

I keep getting a generic serif font. It seems to have something to do with the strange name of the font. Is there any way around this?


See this Issue regarding M+ specifically:

See the following Issues for background on challenges with font names:


@leedohm Thanks for these references. 'mplus-1m-regular' ended up working. Like one of those posts mentions, Atom needs a select menu for Font Family.


@realph, do you happen to be running Windows? It seems like a common thread for people who are unable to get it working using mplus-xx-yyy is the fact that they are running Windows (including myself). I added this in issue #57, but it seems like I also can’t get chrome to use M+ properly either.


Perhaps you could try to get M+ working using my fonts package? At least it takes the guesswork out of the naming of the fonts. I’m curious if there is a Windows compatibility issue that’s causing problems, but am unable to test myself.


Interestingly enough, using your package works. It seems like the + sign in the name is the issue with M+ not working, and for some reason Windows won’t grab it using *.ttf.

(Which variant of it are you using by the way?)


Well that is interesting. Font names are annoyingly inconsistent.

I’m using the fonts provided by Fontsquirrel, you can get thin, light, regular and medium through the current iteration of the package.