Change digit coloring


I’am colorblind and have a problem with coloring of properties and digits in kivy files. How can I change color of floats/ints without changing the whole theme?


You have to first identify the classes being applied by the language package. What’s the name of the language package you’re using for kivy files?



@DamnedScholar : I am sorry to cut into this conversation. The materials was already prepared when you posted your reply. I will keep this brief and leave you plenty of room to fill in the blanks.

@SMuszel: Atom is going to do magic to your requirement. The aim of this post is to show you “how to fish”. Be warned the clips are amateurish.

Firstly - I do not know which kind of colour blindness you have. I have taken a chance and converted my display to grey scale. Under Windows 7 this is possible by a 3rd party application called “Negative Screen”. This app builds onto a functionality of the built-in Windows app Magnifier which has a negative option. (I have a bad problem with applications that uses white backgrounds.)
negative screen

GIF 1:
An empty document is populated with some test text. The text is identified as a specific grammar. Thereafter the “mechanism” that identifies the number element is captured / copied.

GIF 2:
Continues from GIF 1. The customizable style sheet is opened and populated with the text that was copied. This is then filled out to the required colours that overrides the syntax colouring.

Was this helpful? Did the grey colour display make it easier for you?

Enjoy customizing your experience.
- Dan