Change default location to save file


I’m a newbie in python. Now I’m using atom. However, all files I execute in atom are saved in Disk C. I don’t know how to change the default location to save files.
I’m looking for your help.
Many thanks!


By default, files you save will be saved in the folder you have open.


No it doesn’t, at least the Linux version of Atom since forever, I’m currently running 1.30 and still the same issue. When I have a new untitled file open and 'm focused in a particular project folder on the left side and I hit Ctrl+S Atom ALWAYS wants to save in the same location which is nowhere near any project. I’m not sure why it always wants to save there initially and it’s completely annoying. This is something that should be easy to fix and should have behavior of other editors, it should initially recommend saving in the project folder you are currently focused on.


To report a bug or suggest a change of a feature, the best place to post is on the atom repository. Make sure to identify your distro in case the bug is more localized than “the Linux version”, as well as the location that Atom suggests for you.


Hi there - I just realized how I could fix it. I started atom --safe-mode --clear-window-state and that seemed to fix the issue. I haven’t done that in a very long time and possibly some config on where to save by default was stuck.