Change CWD in sub folders


Starting atom from the shell (atom .) sets my CWD to the directory where I open atom from.
All good, but I usually open atom in the directory where I have lots of projects.
So I start in /Users/me/bitbucket, but in bitbucket, I keep allow my current work.
When move down to project1 or project2, how do I get the CWD to change so that I can executes scirpts?


What package are you using to execute scripts?


script 3.17.3.
By default it takes the path used when you start with atom from the command line.
But if you change to another folder …


You can manually control the CWD used by script using the script:run-options command (this can be found under Packages -> Script -> Configure Script or shift-cmd-i on Mac).


If I define my script as Python (for example) in the lower right hand corner and the hard code the current directory into the configuration, then it works.

But when I use {FILE_ACTIVE_PATH} as suggested in the documentation, then it won’t even run python.
I had more screen shots, but I can only upload one as a new user.


I don’t know enough about the package to troubleshoot this.

I had more screen shots, but I can only upload one as a new user.

Imgur is a very useful service for cases like this.


Thanx … good idea …

Here are the screen shots


I would suggest the package process-palette, which is similar but with more options and I know for a fact that playing with the CWD works because I’ve done it.


Thanks. process-palette is much easier to use.