Change color in atom-monokai



I am using fortran with atom-monokai, and have met few inappropriate color choices when combining different features. My question is how do I change the color from the thick red to thick yellow when using “do, while, if” etc. I have tried to change several things in the code but everything seem to change expect for those going under the “do, while, case, if” category.

Also, would like to know if I can add highlight color when using intrinsic functions like MIN,MAX etc. Currently, no highlight color is shown.


You can take a look at the language package to see what classes it applies, and Atom’s developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools) work just like Chrome’s, so you can navigate to the text in question and explore the various rules being applied to it. Once you know which classes to target, you can add new rules to your styles.less.

This sounds like you want a Decoration. If you explain more specifically what you want, I can give you more specific help.


Thanks for your reply.
When I go to the Toggle developer tools, I am not entirely sure where I have to look to spot on where the rules being used for the text. It seems like what I am looking at is just the interface of my atom window.
Certain functions like min(),max() etc are not highlighted. So I want to add this feature.

I am using atom molokai for syntax theme


Exactly. And somewhere in that interface is an <atom-text-editor> element that contains the FORTRAN code you’re concerned about. You can find that specific text by using ctrl-f, then you can examine the classes on the <span> tags around it.

Certain functions like min(),max() etc are not highlighted. So I want to add this feature.

You can bring this up in the Issues section of the language-fortran repo, and either request that the maintainers add those to the language or you can make the addition yourself.