Change background / foreground colors in Atom



New to Electron and currently using Atom as it’s editor. I’ve read postings saying you can apply color changes to the editor using styles.less I’d like to apply color changes to the editor where the file name appears at the stop. I have found the .tab-bar class for changing part of this but I can’t locate which class to use for each individual tabbed page.



I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this. You want to color each tab differently from the others?


Hi Leedohm

Thanks for the response.

What I’m referring to is when your editing various files within Atom and
where the filename displays at the top of the UI. I’d like to set a
background and foreground color for each. Not separately but something
other then the black foreground white text color that’s set for the dark
UI setting. I need to know what class / id is used for that section
within the UI ?



If you mean the title bar of the application window, that isn’t possible in all cases because the title bar isn’t normally part of the web-based UI. I believe that it is only possible on macOS and then only if the “Use Custom Title Bar” setting is selected. If all of those are true, then you should be able to find out the CSS specifics using the standard techniques in the Developer Tools.