Ccls language server for c / c++ unable to start

i have debian 10
when i start atom i get this error:

ccls is installed:
ccls version 0.20190314.1-0-ga41b976a
clang version 7.0.0-3~ubuntu0.18.04.1 (tags/RELEASE_700/final)

i dont know what to do to fix it

Atom doesn’t come with a ccls language server package, so do you have the name of the package that you are using for it?

atom-ide-ui and ide-ccls ive reinstalled them, now the error doesnt appear but they dont work

Do the dev tools have any messages? Check with ctrl-shift-i, in the Console tab

It looks like the ccls server is not on the PATH variable that is loaded in Atom’s environment. In those dev tools you can try inspecting the value of


or running

require("child_process").spawnSync("ccls", ["--version"])

Amending the child process spawn to

require("child_process").spawnSync("ccls", ["--version"], {encoding:"utf8"})

will let you read the error

Based on the error from the package spawning it though, there’s something wrong with permissions. It doesn’t make sense for it to need to run as root.

need to run atom as sudo?

No, never run or install Atom as sudo. That will just lead to weird permissions errors at some point.

It looks like ccls itself is refusing to run unless you are root though. I don’t know why this would be the case. Permission errors like this typically occur if you install the program as root. Are you able to run the ccls --version command on a terminal as a regular user?

nvm ill just install another package, thank you for helping me

Hey Guacamole I don’t know if you got another package to work or if you’re on windows or linux. I’ve had problems with the ccls for a while and I just got it working with:
sudo apt-get install ccls
then restarted atom. Now all of my predictive text is working where it wasn’t before.