Category suggestion: Lounge


It would be nice to have a discussion category where you can just ask random questions without feeling like you are bothering others here doing serious work. For example …

I’m curious what percentage of Atom users are developing packages. In other words are there any regular users who aren’t hacking?

How do you feel about Atom’s progress so far? Is it already more usable than sublime text, etc?


A Lounge category already exists, so we’d need a different name. Perhaps Watercooler, or Campfire or some such?

Good idea by the way!


It does? It isn’t in the drop-down list.


There is a Lounge category for Trust Level 3 and up members. You can learn about Discourse Trust Levels, what is required to be promoted and what powers they grant here:

And you can see your own or others’ trust levels on their user profile:

How can a node app find Atom's install directory?

That’s weird. I wonder why you have to be trusted to chat. Do you gods actually use it? Is that configurable?


You don’t have to be trusted to chat. You can post about anything you like within the rules completely publicly in (uncategorized). If a certain type of topic tends to show up there … I’ll definitely advocate for a new category for them.

Disclaimer: While I am a moderator, I do not have the power to create categories

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