Categorize light syntax themes vs dark syntax themes


If you’re looking only for light themes for example, you have to try a keyword search for the word “light” or just manually trawl through all the themes to try and spot the light ones. It would be great if theme developers could categorize their themes as either light or dark thus allowing people to search for just one or the other.


Could be added to package.json, but not sure if it should be enforced. Some themes like switches between dark and light. Having the keywords makes it more flexible.

Something that would be nice is having little preview screenshots part of the cards. Then you can instantly see if a theme looks interesting.


The "keywords" field in package.json that can be used for this. I guess the problem is getting everyone to actually use it (including myself apparently, so thanks for the reminder :smile:)


Which is the problem of any kind of categorisation really.

I imagine someone would be able to write a package that puts a color badge on each package-card in settings, using the primary fore- and background colors for ui- and syntax themes. Like a mini-preview. That shouldn’t even be all that hard, as long as you keep in mind that ui-themes can depend on syntax-variables.less.