Catch 'before save' event for buffer


I’d like to issue a command before a file is saved. I use an awkward version control system which requires a command before editing. In order to do so, I would like to find out when a users issues a save for a buffer to take care of issuing the command before the actual save happens. Any ideas or pointers as to how that can be accomplished would be highly appreciated!


You can hook to the will-be-saved event of the buffer (see here) but since it is a synchronous dispatch (unless I missed something) you may have trouble if the command you need to trigger do async stuff (as spawning a child process).


Yeah that will leave me with lots of nasty timing issues. In theory, I could issue the command when the buffer is changed for the first time. Any pointers on how to do that? Thanks!


There’s a content-modified event on the Editor object that gets called.


You can always monkey patch the save handler :slight_smile: