Can't use Hebrew


I’m trying to build a site with Hebrew language but when I try to write in Hebrew (RTL language) it’s just unuseable, I try to select one word and it select me other only because I wrote something in hebrew :frowning:


Essentially a duplicate of …

I’m assuming that writing HTML (or whatever template language that you use to eventually generate HTML) with Hebrew text essentially requires Bi-Directional language support, yes?


This is one of the problems, the second problem is when I copy Hebrew text it’s just becode question marks, for example:
שלום = ????


I think that is because of this bug:


Actually I don’t get �, I get just ? and it’s not a special character, just use windows-1255 or UTF-8


I found a solution to show Hebrew in Atom.
Just download Culmus Hebrew Fonts from here:
Or, in linux, by running a package installation, for example: " yum install culmus* " (in Fedora)
and use this Font Family in Atom settings:
“Courier New, Miriam CLM”.


Same problem here, although Hebrew letters are perfectly visible, so unicode seems to work, choosing one word either by double-clicking or by highlighting, will only choose a word on the other side of the sentence with the same number of characters.

Example: יונתן הקטן רץ בבוקר אל הגן
Try choosing יונתן, and ל הגן (which is on the other end of the sentence) is chosen instead.

I suppose the fix should be relatively simple. The bug renders Atom unusable for Hebrew editing.


Still no fix for hebrew characters selection?