Can't use Ctrl+C command on markdown preview code tag


I have this text on markdown:

Step 3: Configure the environment PATH variable.

  • Open the Run Dialog (Win+R) and execute:
rundll32 sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables

And when I try to copy the “rundll32(…)” line that is displayed on the markdown preview of Atom it seems to be unable to be copied using the Ctrl+C command but clicking with the right button and then “copy” seems to work.

Is the Ctrl+C command in conflict with another shortcut for atom? I don’t think so because in other parts of the code it seems to work, only on this specific situation that it doesnt work.


You can always use the Keybinding Resolver to find out what key Atom thinks you pressed and the command it executes because of it. You can open the Keybinding Resolver by pressing Cmd+. on OS X or Ctrl+. on Linux/Windows.