Can't use apm install after last update


Typing ‘apm install’ into a terminal throws the error…

“/c/Users/xander/AppData/Local/atom/bin/…/app-1.14.0-beta0/resources/cli/ line 3: /c/Users/xander/AppData/Local/atom/bin/…/app-1.14.0-beta0/resources/cli/…/app/apm/ No such file or directory”

Not sure why. The file just contains the default:

"$(dirname “0")/../app/apm/" "@”


Does the app-1.14.0-beta0/resources/app/apm/ directory contain an If so, what does it say?

It might also help to try the command from a cmd prompt. I don’t know that the .sh scripts are necessarily tested on Windows, even through Linux-like shells.


"$(dirname "$0")/../app/apm/" "$@"
"$(dirname "$0")/../app/apm/bin/apm" "$@"
will get it to work.

This strikes me as something that would break in Mac and Linux environments, too.