Can't use apm & atom shell commands on win 8.1


I can’t use apm & atom shell commands on win 8.1.
Cmd can’t find these commands…
I already tried Atom > Install shell commands, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.


The executables do not exist in your environmental path.

  • Start > Run > systempropertiesadvanced
  • Click Environment variables
  • Edit the Path variable and modify and append the following:
  • ;C:\Applications\Atom
  • ;C:\Applications\Atom\resources\app\apm\node_modules\atom-package-manager\bin

If you’re using PowerShell you can modify your Profile.ps1 and append these directories to $ENV:PATH
If you’re using classic shell then you can append these directories to %PATH%


Thanks alot apm test still returns test failed now, but everything else seems to work…