Can't Turn Off Highlights on Comments


I’m using Atom in a Mac and Windows. Problem is that on Windows my comments are normal but on the Mac they are highlighted and I don’t like that, I just want it to be grey out like in the Windows version. How can I turn that off and make it look like in the Windows version?


Atom 1.18.0


You should compare their styles.less files and look at the packages installed on each computer.


Already did and they are identical. I use the same packages in each installation.



You can use the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools) to check out how the comments are described in HTML and CSS.


Thanks for the help but I don’t know the software that well since I’m just beginning to work with Atom. I try looking around anyways but couldn’t find anything that I could understand.


Ok DamnedScholar, found what was the problem following your advice. Thanks a lot because I wasn’t able to find that out without your help. Attached is a screenshot of the “package” causing the issue. Just uninstalled it and now I’m happy!


Atom is partially based on Chromium, so it includes Chrome developer tools and everything you see except for the menu bar is generated via HTML and CSS. You can easily find the HTML for text inside the editor with ctrl-f and then searching for the text in the editor. From there, it’s just like inspecting a very complicated web site. For a lot of problems, screenshots of the developer tools can tell those of us who are fluent in Atom exactly what’s going on.