Can't toggle linter with Ctrl+Alt+L


Initially KDE was using this for lock screen but I disabled that. Next I checked with the keybinding resolver saw it had been pinched by the typescript plugin. I wasn’t using that plugin so I uninstalled it. I got a message when uninstalling which may be relevant, I don’t know…

Uninstalling “atom-typescript” failed.Hide output…
Gkr-Message: secret service operation failed: The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files
Failed to delete atom-typescript: Does not exist

In any case the plugin disappeared from the list and the keybinding resolver now shows nothing at all.

How can I get it to toggle the linter plugin? The popups really get in my way when using Ctrl+D to add multiple cursors!




You need to add an entry to your keymap.cson.

  "ctrl-alt-l": "linter:lint"

That command can be found here or in your Command Palette.


Thanks for getting back to me. That didn’t work but it got me close enough. What I actually needed was the following…

  "ctrl-alt-l": "linter:toggle"



Whoops. Yeah, linter:toggle makes more sense. I guess I was away from my Atom and just went with the first thing that looked good on skimming the code.


As of June 2018, I can’t have linter:toggle work, but I can have linter:toggle-active-editor work, but it’s not quite the same as I expected, since toggling off the linter pane also turns off linter. I simply want the linter pane toggle off to clear the space but still have the warnings stay at status bar.

Please anyone point me to the right direction.


Since linter displays in the bottom dock, what you want is to just close the bottom dock. You can reach the built-in command to do that through the Command Palette (ctrl-shift-p).


Much appreciated! Is there any way to reach the command through shortcut keys?


Of course. You just have to add it.


in case you didn’t already arrive at the answer: