Can't switch branches


I’m using atom version v1.44.0X64 on windows10 with git-plus installed.
Lately I’m having problems switching git branches.
I click the desired branch, it looks like it switched, but the content doesn’t update accordingly.
Only when I use git checkout from cmd the branch is switched, but there is not indication in the navigation panel that it’s changed.

I was able to solve this problem once when I deleted my .atom folder and cloned my repo again, but problem returned a day later, and this workaround doesn’t work anymore…
Also tried reinstalling atom, but it didn’t help.

Any suggestions?


Atom is not switching automatically between repos.
I have multiple open projects in atom, and when I’m working on a file in a different project, atom git doesn’t switch it, and therefore, the branches are not switched properly as well (only a symptom of the original issue).
I have to switch between project manually in the git tab.
Tested on two different PCs.

Is this a bug or by design??
It didn’t happen in the past.

Auto repo switching behaviour was changed, and then changed again based on feedback. The current behaviour (that will flow down to the stable release) is to offer a lock like so
“unlocked” means the active repo will switch with the active file
“locked” means it will not automatically change
See for more.

Thank you for the reply!
I was struggling with this one for a while now…

So I’ll wait for the next version :slight_smile: