Can't set autocomplete to confirm suggestion with Tab using autocomplete-python


Hi, I can’t figure out how to turn off autocomplete when hitting Enter instead of Tab. Was previously able to do it in autcomplete-plus, but in autocomplete-python I am unable to.

I’ve googled and searched, but everything I’m finding refers to autocomplete-plus and not autocomplete-python.



Just to clarify, you have autocomplete-plus set to use tab instead of enter to confirm suggestions in the package settings and that works in all cases except with Python files?

That setting should be used by autocomplete-python according to


Autocomplete-plus has depreciated so Atom wont let me install it. I wish for it to only be set to use tab to autocomplete, not enter.


What do you mean? Why are you saying this?


autocomplete-plus is built-in and you definitely have it unless you have explicitly removed it. autocomplete-plus is the package that contains the settings for how to trigger a completion and, unless something has gone wrong, it should work equally for each language.


Thank you so much for looking into it guys, it was my lack of understanding - I didn’t look down far enough to find it, and when I searched for it i got these:

Which lead to me thinking wrongly.

Thank you again!