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I’m running Atom 1.8.0 with remote-edit. This is my first day with Atom so I’m sure I’m missing something basic. I’ve connected successfully to my host, but I’m not seeing a directory of the host files now in the left pane, as I expected. Could someone point out what I still need to do? Thanks.


When I connect to a host with remote-edit, the Browse Hosts modal turns into a list of the files on the machine. There is no sidebar.


You may want to update to the latest version of Atom. The current Stable version is v1.9.9.


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I started with 1.9.9 but the remote-edit package wouldn’t load into it - something about the package using the display_buffer module, which was removed in Atom 1.9. So I had to go to a pre-1.9 version to get any remote-edit functionality at all. I’d be glad to try a new remote-edit package that worked with Atom 1.9.9.


If you’re willing to try another package then maybe take a look at atom-commander. It has FTP support and I’m using it on Atom 1.9.9.

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