Can't see my output when i am using script for python

In the picture there is no output after executing the program. only a green tick sign but in youtube tutorial when they execute the program output or result shown below . I am not getting it why i cant see my output.

I am totally newbie in programming i am learning python and i am learning form
"Learn python 3 hard way "
The writer recommended Atom so i am trying to use it but i couldn’t see any output after executing the Program

Your script is untitled and without py extension.
Try saving file as

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well in script file save as file .I tried to save it as py but they didn’t show any py file option and
Script: Run will perform a “File Based” run when no text is selected (default)
if i press output in new tab i get this

wait it worked ty

Mabey you need this""
1:tabby_cat="\t I’m tabbed in."
2:persian_cat=“I’m split \n on a line.”
3: backslash_cat=“I’m \ a \ cat.”
4:fat_cat=""" I’ll do a list: \t* cat food \t* fishies \t* catnip \n\t* grass"""
6:I’m tabbed in.
8;I’m split
9: on a line.
11:I’m \ a \ cat.
12: print(fat_cat)
13: I’ll do a list: * cat food * fishies * catnip
14:* grass