Can't see any characters in text file


I installed Atom 1.15.0. X64 on a Redhat 7 VM today. After I started atom, and open an .py file, I could not see anything, only the blank screen. I tried to create a new file, I could type in characters because when I switch to use vi I could see the the characters I typed in.

However, I could not see them on atom editor besides the red underline dots, which means wrong grammer/words, I guess. I feel the font color was set to white or the same color as the background by default, but changing UI or syntax theme did not help.



Does the problem occur when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


The problem is still there after I start atom through command line “atom --safe”. Beside the under line red dots and cursor move, I could not see any character on the screen/file panel.