Can't search/install packages from within Atom

Whenever I try to use the built in package search function, it just says “Searching packages for ‘’…” indefinitely. I have tried it with multiple themes and packages that are hosted on My internet connection is fine, and I made sure that the spelling of the package name is correct.

OS: Manjaro 19.0 KDE
Atom Version: 1.44.0 x64

I encountered the exact same problem as well. The “apm search …” command works fine in the terminal though. I installed Manjaro and Atom yesterday, so I never had any previous version of any of them running and I can’t tell if it was working on an previous version. The search function didn’t work from the moment I installed it.

Here some details as well:

OS: Manjaro 19.0.2 Gnome
Atom Version: 1.44.0-1 (installed yesterday)

I hope someone finds a solution, this is very inconvenient :grimacing:
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes time to help us here :sweat_smile:

I am also having this issue with Manjaro KDE with Kernel 5.4.23-1-MANJARO. and Atom 1.44.0 Pretty frustrating. I hope someone finds a solution!