Can't search in "Install Packages"

In the “Install Packages” section of the Settings page, I suddenly find myself unable to search for packages. No matter what I input into the search box, I get results like this:

Search works correctly on the Packages page.

I am using Atom 1.49.0 on macOS 10.15.5.

I am not behind a proxy and have successfully searched in the past.


Yes Same here, It doesn’t even work on Windows 10 .
And I can’t even install packages from the web .
I thought that this website would open atom and install it but it shows error 500

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Hi, I’m having the same problem here.
I’m using Windows 10 and just installed Atom today.
About half an hour ago I was able to install another package.
I can’t install packages from the web either.

I just got mine working a minute ago by using apm to uninstall and then reinstall a package. I picked a package at random for this experiment:

$ apm uninstall pipe
Uninstalling pipe ✓

$ apm install pipe
Installing pipe to /Users/wolfy/.atom/packages ✓

The package search now seems to be working.

Search broke for me after upgrading my mac to Catalina (10.15). Confirming this worked for me too: uninstalling and reinstalling a package fixed the whole search! Thanks for the fix!