Can't scroll welcome guide to reach Github


I just installed Atom and clicked Open a Project (on the Welcome screen), created a project folder and chose it, and I want to open a Version control with Git and Github, but it expanded the Welcome panel down and there’s no scroll bar and keyboard and touchpad doesn’t scroll it…

I’m on Windows 7, not sure if maybe this editor was meant for a different operating system, maybe I need to get a Mac just for its magic touchpad… is this a bug or a feature?


You don’t need the welcome screen for any of that. The github package enables a pair of right dock tabs, Git and GitHub. Between those two and the git-plus package, you have most of your bases covered, but they don’t currently encompass the entire set of git features. Given the tone of your post, is it incorrect to suspect that you are new to git? Do you have an existing repo already on GitHub?


Sorry I mistook the right-side panel containing the Open Project and Github sections to be part of the Welcome tab… which doesn’t really look like a tab anyways (and the x close button doesn’t even appear until I hover over it).

I found the Github option in the File Menu though, thank goodness that’s still around…


Both of those panes are part of the welcome screen, and you don’t need them for any git actions.