Can't run on win7 Starter Edition


I am unable to run Atom on win7.
There is no errors on install, after install opens normally, I am able to install packages…
But after that, there is no icon on desktop, nothing in start menu, no folder in program files, nothing.
There is no antivirus, just fresh win7 starter 32bit.


To be honest, I don’t know if Atom is compatible with Windows 7 Starter Edition. I’m also not sure that we’d be able to get a hold of a copy of it to test it out.

Atom doesn’t install to the Program Files directory. I believe it ends up under %APPDATA%.

Someone just reminded me (thanks @joefitzgerald) that Windows 7 Starter Edition was designed to run on netbooks. Many netbooks aren’t x86 architecture. Atom won’t work on non-x86 architecture machines.

If you like, you could attempt building from source. But that’s also not supported on non-x86 architecture machines.


Ahh, ok.
Thank you.